The Baja Peninsula

Things to do in The Baja Peninsula

The Baja Peninsula is made up of two states, Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur, but has too many activities and highlights to count. Nature lovers will find plenty of things to do in the Baja Peninsula, including diving with sea lions in Los Islotes and hopping aboard a whale-watching boat to spot the magnificent gray, humpback and orca whales that swim along the Sea of Cortez. Fishing aficionados should head to the southern tip of the peninsula, where they can find some of the best marlin-catching conditions on the planet. Coastal areas like Bahia de los Angeles, Mulege, Loreto and La Paz all offer clear, calm waters that are ideal for kayaking, diving and jet skiing. For low-key beachgoers looking for things to do in the Baja Peninsula, Nikki Beach in Cabo San Lucas, with its comfy lounge beds and refreshing mojitos, is the way to go.

Speaking of drinking, Valle de Guadalupe is quickly becoming one of the most exciting wine-producing regions in the world, thanks to more than 60 wineries including Casa de Piedra, Vena Cava, Viñas de Garza and Monte Xanic. As for food, downtown Rosarito boasts an eclectic dining area, serving everything from Chinese food to their world-famous lobster tacos. For a dose of history, admire the cave paintings in Sierra de San Francisco, located in the El Vizcaíno reserve. The paintings show human and animal figures and are so exceptionally well preserved that they are considered one of the most important collections of cave art in the world.

As of February 2014, you’ll be able to swim with a school of giant bluefin tuna offshore.

A 20-foot-high natural marine geyser.

Hike or surf along the sweeping, often-deserted San Miguel Beach, which is free of cell-phone-toting city dwellers fighting for parking spots.

Where It Is: At the northern end of the Espiritu Santos islands, a group of islands dotting the waters in the Bay of La Paz, Los Islotes is a pair of craggy islets home to a large colony of California sea lions.

To get to Espíritu Santo, sign up for a one- to five-day cruise. There are no hotels, but travelers can sleep in the small vessel’s eight tents.

Located at the Me Cabo Hotel on Medano Beach, this trendy poolside club is part of an international chain with seven locations, including Miami Beach and Marrakesh, Morocco.