The Baja Peninsula Travel Guide

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Covered with unique landscapes and blessed with a rich marine life, the Baja California Peninsula is one of Northern Mexico’s most thrilling travel destinations. Visit the Baja Peninsula for its whale-watching opportunities, its bustling dining scene and historic sites, like Sierra de San Francisco. Located between Bahia de los Angeles and Loreto, this area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its vivid rock-art sites. Let Travel + Leisure’s Baja Peninsula travel guide help you decide the kind of trip that you want to experience.

Things Not to Miss in Baja Peninsula

• Go diving with sea lions in Los Islotes in the Sea of Cortez
 • Relax on the lounge beds at Nikki Beach Cabo San Lucas
 • Check out the aboriginal cave paintings at Sierra de San Francisco
 • Take a whale-watching trip across the Sea of Cortez
 • Feast on lobster tacos in Rosarito
 • Discover the wineries at Valle de Guadalupe

When to Go to Baja Peninsula

Baja California has year-long warm weather, making it a great destination for any season. During the summer, temperatures usually stay around the 90s during the day and decrease slightly in the evenings, when a pleasantly cool breeze hits. In the winter, temperatures range between the 50s and 70s and the region becomes a haven for Europeans and North Americans escaping the harsh winter from their hometowns. Those interested in whale watching should travel to the Baja Peninsula between December and April.

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