The Andes + The Western Wine Country

Things to do in The Andes + The Western Wine Country

Visit this under-visited national park sometimes referred to as Argentina's Grand Canyon. View the towering red cliffs and 2,000-year-old petroglyphs etched in black by indigenous nomads.

Cachi teems with artisanal shops; the widest selection is at the Mercado Artesanal (Craft Market).

The striking red-and-gold Baroque San Francisco Church was built in 1625.

Locals gather here for a glass after dinner.

Track the condors in Los Cardones National Park, watch out for giant cacti.

The native criollo architecture of the Carlos Pulenta winery in Argentina (an elegant mix of lofty ceilings and natural stone) is upstaged by the spectacular location.

The dramatic winery was built to resemble a Mayan temple.

Located in the Uco Valley, this strikingly modern winery complex founded by a Dutch tycoon, includes a lavish art museum and a gift shop that sells a $750 set of wine aromatics in thimble-size vials.