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Southwest Airlines helped rescue some 500 passengers who had been stranded inside a Texas airport by Hurricane Harvey over the weekend.The FAA ... Read More

As Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a category two storm Friday, and will soon make landfall on the Gulf Coast, residents and travelers in the... Read More

This story originally appeared on Back in the 1940s, Nat King Cole was already singing about Route 66’s open-road appeal. Today, Route 66 has... Read More

Texas’ best kept secret, Hamilton Pool Preserve, is a beautiful oasis that is way more exciting than a summer afternoon at the community swim center.At... Read More

Getting a new passport is, without question, one of the most tedious aspects of travel.Yes, you get to fill up a new booklet with stamps from around the... Read More

This story originally appeared on When Gordon Hartman watched his then-12-year-old daughter, Morgan, have trouble making friends in a... Read More

This story originally appeared on A Dallas couple will have to pay their wedding photographer $1 million after slamming her services online... Read More

This summer’s blockbuster hit “Wonder Woman” inspired a whole lot of firsts. As the Hollywood Reporter noted, the film, starring Gal Gadot, is the first... Read More

The quirky capital of Texas is famous for its welcoming spirit, and its nightlife scene is no different. In 2016, it was even listed as one of the top... Read More

Four-year-old Luke Swafford has been carting around his best friend, a teddy bear aptly named Teddy Bear, since he was one. The bear has been his... Read More

Chip and Joanna Gaines have made a name for themselves in the design and real estate world. Joanna’s love of rustic-chic and Chip’s downhome country... Read More

Five passengers on a United Airlines flight tackled a “disruptive” passenger who attempted to dart from her seat to the cockpit over the weekend.About... Read More

This story originally appeared on Fixer Upper fans, Joanna Gaines wants to assure you that she is not going anywhere.For the... Read More

An impossibly cute pygmy goat named Butters has become the official mascot of the Civil Goat Coffee Company in Austin, Texas. And it’s easy to see why... Read More

This story originally appeared on A video of the Baylor University Men’s Choir breaking into song on an international flight is going, ahem,... Read More

This story originally appeared on Chick-fil-A is testing family-style meals and two new sides — bacon-baked beans and mac and cheese— in... Read More

In the popular imagination, Dallas is a land of big hair and big sky, iconic football and thick-cut steaks, ten-gallon hats and steel-toed boots.But the... Read More

A Southwest Airlines flight that had taken off from Austin, Texas and was scheduled to arrive at Chicago’s Midway International Airport on... Read More

This story originally appeared on When a man suspected of drunk driving smashed through the front wall of their home in Waco, Texas, early... Read More

A passenger on a United Airlines flight last week says she was forced to hold her son in her lap after a standby passenger took the seat that was... Read More

Living close to the beach can be quite a relaxing experience if you know where to settle down. According to personal finance website ... Read More

In a world that can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, it’s important to take a minute to sit back, relax, and watch a 300-pound gorilla have his own... Read More

This story originally appeared on Attention Fixer Upper fans, Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ new breakfast restaurant is one step closer to... Read More

This story originally appeared on A woman is claiming that she was kicked in the head by a United Airlines employee while she was sleeping... Read More

Travelers tracing this east-west route will find themselves on a wildly varied road trip, with remote stretches of two-lane highway that give way in... Read More

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