Tel Aviv



28 Lilenblum St.,
Tel Aviv,


A neo-Georgian supper club, a place where one can order a cool
pomegranate vodka drink, featuring grenadine juice from Russia and
crushed ice, or a frozen margarita made with native arak liquor,
almonds, and rose juice. The décor is mellow and cozy like a shabby
house in Havana, complete with gilt-edged mirrors, portraits of feisty,
long-living Georgian grandmas, and many charming rooms stuffed with
sumptuous divans and banquettes in full Technicolor. The highlight of
the crowded and raucous bar is a photograph of the former prime minister
Ariel “The Bulldozer” Sharon staring with great unease at a raft of
Picassos. At its more authentic, the Georgian food can really shine. Try
the tender chakapulu lamb stew with white plums and tarragon, or setsivi—a cool chicken breast in walnut sauce, bursting with sweetness and garlic. Pinch the crust of the cheburek meat pie and watch the steam escape into the noisy air.