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By Christopher Petkanas
Along with Alessi lemon squeezers, Loro Piana cashmere, and Cipriani pasta, water is one of Italy's top draws. Hoteliers figured this out a long time ago: a room on the Tyrrhenian or Ionian is more than a room, it's a chance to live a myth. The mo...
By Amy Collins
If I had a car its bumper sticker would say I'd rather be sleeping. I am a congenital, incorrigible glutton for sleep. Sleep-bingeing is my last vice, and I won't give it up. There's nothing I can't accomplish, physically or mentally, provided I'v...

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“The Beach” occupies the triangle of land between the coastal railroad tracks and the bathtub-size bay of Isola Bella, a taxi, bus, or cable-car ride from the town of Taormina, high on the cliff above.

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The Sicily-based school doesn’t teach much dialect, but there are plenty of ways to absorb local culture in the sun-soaked, seaside town of Taormina: students take classes in the kitchens of residents. Courses range from one to 24 weeks.