Tanzania Travel Guide

From safaris to savannah camping to mountain hiking and game fishing, you will never have a lack of things to do in Tanzania Game Parks. Approximately 38 percent of Tanzania is filled with national parks, game preserves, and controlled conservation areas, making the African country one of the truly wild places on the planet.

Firstly, no list of what to do in Tanzania Game Parks would be complete without the Serengeti National Park, the most famous wildlife and nature preserve in the world, where you can see lions, wildebeests, rhinos, cheetahs, and other African wildlife. But the list of nature destinations worth seeing is just beginning. In the north, there is Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa—take a hike to the peak and revel in the view. Three of Africa's Great Lakes lie partly in Tanzania. Lake Victoria is in the northern part of the country and is Africa's largest lake. Lake Tanganyika, in the west, is the continent's deepest lake, renowned for its unusual species of fish, and Lake Nyasa, in the southwest, completes the list.

There are many other outdoorsy things to do in Tanzania Game Parks. The Zanzibar Archipelago is just off the eastern shore, where you can go diving and game fishing off the islands of Unguja, Pemba, and Mafia. In the western part of Tanzania are three more renowned national parks: Mahale, Katavi, and Gombe, the latter of which was made famous as the site of Jane Goodall's groundbreaking study on chimpanzees, in 1960.

Still wondering what to do in Tanzania Game Parks? Then pay a visit to a Maasai boma or Bushmen settlement, to see some indigenous culture and art.

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