Restaurants in Tanzania

You're not going to find Michelin-starred restaurants in Tanzania Game Parks, but let's be honest—you visited because you wanted a more traditional, authentic experience anyway. There are fine Tanzania Game Parks restaurants on site at hotels and lodgings across the country, and many safari camps will have a mess tent and a cook. At the best restaurants in Tanzania Game Parks, adventurous eaters will have the opportunity to try local East African cuisine, which is heavy on seafood—Tanzania is on the coast, after all. The cuisine also heavily features beef, goat meat, yogurts, rice, leafy vegetables, and bananas. A common local dish you should try at a Tanzania Game Parks restaurant is ugali, which is made of corn mashed to a porridge-like consistency and spiced with cassava. For a wider range of culinary options, travel into Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's capital and largest city. You're bound to have a unique dining experience at game parks in Tanzania.

The view: The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge’s perch on the edge of the largest unbroken volcanic caldera in the world provides spectacular panoramas of the flat otherworldly expanse of seasonally toasty brown or vibrant green grasses dotted with wildlife.