Restaurants in Tahiti

Tahiti is renowned for its cuisine, and you can find restaurants in Tahiti that serve up delicious French, Italian, Polynesian, American, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. Tahiti restaurants range from the very upscale – a category that includes Chez Remy, which is considered one of the best restaurants in Tahiti and boasts an elaborate French menu and extensive wine list – to the extremely casual. On weekends in Papeete, for example, "Roulottes,” or snack shops on wheels, line the street, serving up everything from Chinese food to crepes, to French-inspired dishes. Not only are these meals delicious, they are extremely reasonably priced. Papeete is also bursting with sit-down restaurants, including the Mango Café, which serves the islands most famous dish: “Poisson cru,” or fresh, raw fish that is marinated with lime and coconut juice and mixed with local vegetables. Numerous varieties of this dish can be found throughout the island, including Poisson Cru Chinois, a Chinese take on the meal, and Poisson Cru Ananas, which incorporates pineapple.

Visitors to the island should remember that tipping is not customary; most Tahiti restaurants don’t expect gratuity, as it is already included in the meal’s price.

The hip new locals' hangout in Papeete, Ute Ute, which is Tahitian for "red hot" serves tarte flambe with escargots.