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The world’s first year-round ice hotel, Icehotel 365 in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, opened its doors this weekend. ... Read More

As temperatures cool down across North America, some residents have already begun to plan their February beach getaways. ... Read More

Sleep at the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel, Selfoss, Iceland ... Read More

Sweden’s Central Bank announced on Wednesday that it is researching the possibility of introducing a digital currency. ... Read More

By linking together a series of incredible flight deals, the Airfare Spot has created a new around-the-world trip for only $1,073. In case you missed... Read More

Chef Emeril Lagasse is no stranger to the camera—since first becoming a household name in the mid-'90s, he's racked up decades on the air filming his... Read More

This winter, you could take an amazing trip around the planet for only $1,161. ... Read More

Kiruna, Sweden is about to make a big move—two miles away from where the city center sits now. Why? It’s slowing sinking into the ground. [Atlas Obscura... Read More

Contrary to popular belief, Swedes rarely order meatballs at restaurants unless they're toting along young, fussy eaters while shopping at... Read More

“Swedish women take a natural approach to their looks,” says Anja Skeppe Grahn, beauty editor at Styleby, a Stockholm-based fashion magazine. ... Read More

When it comes to seafood—especially beyond the typical pickled herring and cured salmon—Sweden does shellfish exceptionally well. Locals know to... Read More

To get your lay of the land, take a ferry around Stockholm’s many islands, or sail inland to see the royal palace and gardens at Drottningholm, and to... Read More

Here's a heart-warming story for your midweek pick-me-up: Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia biked from India to Sweden to reunite with Charlotte... Read More

Scandinavian chain Comfort Hotels has already reversed a plan it announced late last week to ban bacon and sausage from its breakfast menu. The chain’s... Read More

Sweden’s famed Ice Hotel may soon become a tourist destination—in the summertime. ... Read More

The future of aviation navigation is underway in a small Swedish town. ... Read More

Bohuslän's breathtaking archipelago offers an enchanting blend of charming fishing villages and idyllic granite rock islands. While most of the... Read More

Stockholm is in the middle of a baking boom—in recent years, the caliber of bakeries and konditori has skyrocketed. The city’s bakers are rediscovering... Read More

With the mania for 1960s interior design showing no signs of abating, a new trove of retro furniture and decor has opened in Östermalm, Stockholm’s... Read More

It’s one of those shimmering Swedish afternoons when everything seems to glow from within: the boathouses on the harbor, all pulsing vermilion red; the... Read More

See 100 Places to Eat Like a Local ... Read More

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