Sweden Travel Guide

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Though it is the largest country in Scandinavia and its capital, Stockholm, sets many of the trends for design throughout the world, you'll discover when you visit Sweden that most of the country is pristine wilderness. Outside of a few gleaming cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden travel is one big outdoor adventure, perfect for travelers in search of scenic hikes and canals to paddle along. History has left its mark here, too, as you'll discover when you marvel at the country's Viking ruins and medieval castles.

Things Not to Miss in Sweden

Read our Sweden travel guide to discover the can't-miss activities and attractions the country has to offer, including:

• Cruising Stockholm's canals
• Visiting the Vasamuseet
• Getting lost in Stockholm's old town
• Exploring the nightlife of Malmö
• Hiking or skiing on the Kungsleden
• Sailing through the Stockholm Archipelago
• Seeing the Northern Lights

When to Visit Sweden

Everyone wants to travel to Sweden in the summer, with good reason. While the country rarely gets hot, the Swedes make the most of the long days and sunshine of summer, and there's a festive spirit in the air. Winter is decidedly the low season here, but the city lights up for the holidays and the Swedes are masters at turning restaurants, hotels, and even shops an inviting spaces to escape the cold and dark.

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