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By Reid Bramblett
Get more holiday travel inspiration. You haven’t experienced Christmas lights until you’ve seen nearly four miles of them artfully hung in patterns dictated by Tiffany’s head designer in Copenhagen’s famed historic amusement park, Tivoli Gardens—...
By Joel Agee
IF THERE IS A PATRON SAINT OF TRAVEL WRITERS, he must have foreseen the riches I would bring home from my trip along the Rhine. He must have decided to relieve me of my notes (I left them in a taxi), to cause my camera to malfunction and double-ex...
I'm a New Yorker now, but I was born and raised in Strasbourg. I get back two or three times a year to visit my family. There are great hotels in the area, but on this trip I stayed at my parents' house — the best hotel in town. It's four-star l...
By Charles Michener
Tell friends you're taking a drive through Alsace, Lorraine, and Burgundy, and they'll assume you're going for boeuf bourguignon and quiche, Rieslings and Montrachets. But recently I set off to tour these northeastern provinces of France in search...
By Michael Z. Wise
One of Europe's largest mosques is rising over Rotterdam, and many residents are none too pleased. Its ornamented façade and arched windows appear transplanted from afar, and in fact the design was inspired by mosques in Cairo and Dubai. At a rece...

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Tables are shared, which most Americans are really not comfortable with, so you just hope for the best. The walls are hung with Hansi village scenes and the marquetry landscapes the Spindlers of Boersch have been chiseling since 1893.

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What to Expect: The France/Germany border has spent centuries dancing to either side of the Alsace region.