St. Thomas

Restaurants in St. Thomas

A huge benefit to restaurants in St. Thomas is the diversity in the food choices. You will have no trouble finding plenty of local food that is both specific to the Virgin Islands and dishes that are more broadly popular across the Caribbean. For instance, fungi, a staple dish of boiled cornmeal, or callaloo, a spicy soup from around the region, will be widely available throughout St. Thomas restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in St. Thomas, however, will serve dishes aimed at tourists’ taste buds or plates you’ll recognize from home that have a local twist in the spices.

If you’re looking for a taste of local cuisine and are staying in a private home rental or bungalow with a kitchen, you may want to skip the St. Thomas restaurants and head to the marketplace instead. You can pick up fresh-caught fish and sample the bounty of local fruit.

The French- and Caribbean-influenced food here is among the island's best, as is the view from atop Government Hill. At lunch, try the chicken and mushroom crêpes; the braised rabbit loin is a must for dinner.

With its billowing white curtains and sexy blue lighting, this restaurant is more South Beach than St. Thomas.

A roadside shack minutes from the beach. The namesake milk shake is a blend of almond-crunch ice cream and amaretto.

The island's most delicious brunch spot is in a stone courtyard off Charlotte Amalie's main drag. It can't be beat for its hash browns and omelettes, served on checkered tablecloths. Purchase some of owner Gladys Isles's from scratch hot sauce to take home.

This open waterfront space keeps its stylish diners happy with pan-seared rainbow trout in a lemon caper-brown-butter sauce, and lobster, shrimp, mussels, and clams in a tomato-fennel broth. Choose from three-, five-, or nine-plate tapas-style tasting menus.

Garden-fresh and constantly changing, the 10 small plates on the menu can be ordered individually or in trios. For more sustenance, there are larger entrées, like cornmeal-crusted snapper in a brown sugar, rum, and plantain reduction.