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St. Moritz Travel Guide

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  • The High Life: St. Moritz

    At the top of Piz Nair, the weather seems different, imported from another planet maybe. The raw and menacing peaks—10,000 feet tall—loom over us like... Read More

  • Swiss for "Delicious"

    What I knew of authentic Swiss cooking was like a ripe Emmentaler: full of big holes. Fondue, chocolate bars--that much was familiar. Now I wanted to... Read More

  • Are Cutting-Edge Hotels Becoming Dull?

    I've just checked into La Bergère, a cool new hotel in Maastricht. My room is wonderfully minimal—I designed it that way. Yes, designed. When making my... Read More

  • St.-Moritz Hotel Picks

    St.-Moritz is not your average ski resort. It's the kind of place where polo tournaments are played on a frozen lake and sponsored by Cartier. Where you... Read More

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