St. Louis

Restaurants in St. Louis

Champion of local farmers

Buy the region’s specialties, snoots, at this takeout window frequented by a steady stream of locals. Like oversize pork rinds, the texture of a rice cake, the snoots are sluiced with a tomatoey sauce that had the right amount of sweetness and heat cutting through its deeply porky hit.

Enjoy a four-course meal and solve a crime.

Head here for an exciting wine list and live music.

Splashy Nuevo Latino newcomer

The top spot for the Gateway City’s barbecue specialties, such as St. Louis–cut pork ribs, snoots, and rib tips.

Colorful Spanish tapas

Grab a table overlooking the terrace at renowned chef Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant at the (free) museum.

Swanky snacks in a restored Jazz Age hotel