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Mount Hartman Estate

Mount Hartman Estate


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Beachside mega-resort it is not: Grenada’s Mount Hartman Bay Estate comprises 12 intimate, Gaudí-inspired suites shrouded in banana trees and low-slung palms where you will be one of only 30 guests enjoying this remote, flower-filled corner of the Caribbean’s Spice Island. Though the pristine private beach is where many travelers unroll their towels each morning, the seaside auberge offers other refreshing places to relax, from the interior waterfall in the Cave House to an 89-foot infinity pool that spills over into the cerulean bay. If the sun gets too hot (temperatures can soar past 100 degrees in August), it’s time to hit the shaded hiking trails, which meander through Grenada’s dense jungle, or head into the bay to spot angelfish in the surrounding coral reef. Come evening, guests sleep soundly in king-size, four-poster beds made of South American purpleheart wood before awakening to a citrus-scented breeze that gently carries through the open wooden shutters that face the Caribbean Sea.