Tips and Articles for St. Bart's

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If we could spend every day of the year on St. Bart's, we would. Crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, ultra-romantic vibes everywhere you turn—it's the... Read More

Ever since Victoria’s Secret launched their first Swim Special last year, it’s become one of fashion’s most anticipated—and most watched—events ... Read More

It’s the end of the year, and everyone starts dreaming about taking a vacation away from it all—even Beyoncé. Especially Beyoncé. Every year, we see... Read More

“I’ve been going to St. Bart's since I was eight-years-old,” says fashion designer Adam Lippes, who honed his talent for creating luxurious American... Read More

The island’s grande dame hotels are looking younger than ever. ... Read More

Top 10 Hotels Overall: City ... Read More

WHY NOW For a truly hedonistic holiday, the glamour set counts on this hot-weather playground, for celeb-spotting and socializing on the sand. Half-clad... Read More

It's that time of year—when flickering lights illuminate the sky, snow blankets the ground, and airports overflow with travelers. While destinations... Read More

See T+L’s Bucket List slideshows ... Read More

Top 10 Hotels: Overall ... Read More

See the slideshow of the Most Romantic Caribbean Sunsets. ... Read More

Best for Sand and Shade: Informal, funky, and family-friendly, La Gloriette (lunch for two $77) has waterfront wooden tables shaded by sea-grape trees.... Read More

Surrounded by translucent waters and volcanic islands, St. Bart's has been enticing the rich and fabulous for decades—everyone from David Rockefeller to... Read More

We live in New Mexico, where we enjoy the changing seasons. Rather than trying to escape winter, we look forward to it. If it gets too cold out, we... Read More

Gorging on bacon-wrapped dates, sipping Jamaican rum, and puffing on a Cuban cigar: now, this is what I call a yoga retreat. Not sitting on the floor in... Read More

"If you can get past the food, it's wonderful." ... Read More

'I should be chopping celery for stuffing,' Barbara says as she rises at 7 a.m. I pull a pillow over my head, but the scent of jasmine whispers me awake... Read More

Reader's FindOur family of four recently stayed at Venice's Romantik Hotel Metropole (39-41/520-5044, fax 39-41/520-3679; doubles $211-$398). Our room... Read More

ALEXANDRA PENNEY, author of How to Make Love to a Man and Sexiest Sex of AllPlanning a trip for my fiancé's 50th birthday (at the time he was just my... Read More

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