Sri Lanka

Restaurants in Sri Lanka

Restaurants in Sri Lanka often describe their menu options as Sri Lankan and South Indian, as the two cuisines share many similarities (although there are regional variations). You shouldn’t leave the island without trying Kottu Roti, an authentic Sri Lankan dish that consists of mixed-together chopped roti, vegetables, and meat. The delicacy is sold by street vendors throughout the island. Visitors should note that most Sri Lanka restaurants use a lot of spices in their dishes; luckily, the heat can be washed down with Thambili, a local drink made from the juice of a King Coconut. Sold by Sri Lanka restaurants and street vendors alike, Thambili is the perfect refreshing end to a meal.

While food is generally very cheap, there are more upscale dining options in the city of Colombo. Unlike these establishments, the restaurant-store hybrid Chooti isn't fancy, but is nonetheless considered one of the best restaurants in Sri Lanka, thanks to its mouth-watering sweet and sour roti bread, which is made fresh daily.

Textile designer Barbara Sansoni serves fresh seafood and pastas and just-squeezed, sweetened lime juice in a cool, inviting garden shaded by frangipani trees.