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Europe’s fastest, and perhaps most impressive, roller coaster is finally ready for thrill-seekers everywhere to jump on board.Ferrari Land, the largest... Read More

Knowing when to book a hotel can make all the difference when it comes to the price you pay.For those planning to take a summer getaway this year,... Read More

Whether you are a fan of Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disney Resort or one of his other attractions around the world, you know Walt Disney loved his... Read More

The “most dangerous path in the world” is reopening for its third season after a gruesome accident caused it to close for 15 years.The Caminito del Rey... Read More

For travelers who have procrastinated booking their summer vacations, it might be time to consider Europe.The cost of round-trip flights to Europe for... Read More

This weekend, Thrifty Traveler reported a major sale on flights to Portugal and Spain. Round-trip tickets start at $321, with availability from major... Read More

Back in December, we reported there would be even more cheap flights to Europe — though we couldn’t be certain if they’d appear as affordable routes... Read More

The beauty brand that pioneered facials in a bubble — a real inflatable bubble, filled with pure air and free of pollution — is taking their treatments... Read More

When husband and wife Terry and Jennifer Constant realized their daily jobs were keeping them from getting to watch their newborn son... Read More

Both camping and backpacking can provide joy to travelers of all kinds: a campsite gives city-dwellers a break from the hustle of metropolitan life,... Read More

There’s nothing more romantic than the first trip as husband and wife after the wedding of their dreams.A honeymoon is more than just the average couple... Read More

Dr. Seuss is famous for creating fantastical, colorful worlds populated by wild characters and quirky landscapes. So in honor of his birthday—the author... Read More

Airfare to Europe is on sale again, with flights overseas costing as little as $333 round-trip. The Oneworld alliance sale, noted by the Airfare Spot,... Read More

Barcelona is making it clear that tourists are no longer as welcome as they once were.Two days after it banned all new hotels from the city center,... Read More

Travelers looking for a sun-soaked European vacation can take a cruise through the continent this summer at a fraction of the price. Azamara Club... Read More

There must be something about medieval towns and bookstores that go hand-in-hand. First it was the Literary Man Hotel in Óbidos, Portugal—which has more... Read More

When you're traveling with family, not any destination will do.While a quiet seaside resort could be the perfect getaway for two, it could prove too... Read More

Sometimes you really need to get away from everything. And if you haven’t planned a vacation yet, consider setting your sights on Spain.The Airfare Spot... Read More

Separate from the city of Granada itself, the famous Alhambra and all that it contains—royal halls and residences, brimming gardens, marble patios, and... Read More

This story originally appeared on French companies with more than 50 workers have been required to guarantee employees a “right to... Read More

Not everyone can climb Mt. Everest. The world’s tallest mountain is probably the number one fitness challenge for a select few, but most travelers have... Read More

New deals on ultra-cheap flights from Barcelona to cities in the United States are coming in June 2017, according to IAG, the company that owns British... Read More

In a departure from what we may often associate with Christmas in the states (mistletoe, reindeer, Yule logs, et al) the people of Catalan in Spain... Read More

This story originally appeared on The ticket holders of 1,650 winning tickets for Spain’s El Gordo (“the fat one”) lottery ... Read More

The Balearic Islands, a sun-kissed archipelago of islands and islets east of the Spanish mainland, are dominated by four stunning sisters—Majorca, Ibiza... Read More

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