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I told myself not to feel guilty for starting off my trip a bit hungover. It had been three years since I'd been back to Spanish Basque country — where... Read More

Spain isn’t as mellow about meal times as you might think.For years, the European country has been notorious for it’s super-late dinner time, usually... Read More

This story originally appeared on Over the past 17 years, Anthony Bourdain has traveled to over 50 different countries while filming... Read More

This story originally appeared on any student of Wayne's World can tell you, not all that sparkles is Champagne. Here's how the king... Read More

This story originally appeared on While last summer's cocktail darling frosé may be all you want to drink in warm weather, the... Read More

Spain is once again the leader when it comes to the highest number of quality beaches in the world.A total of 579 beaches along the country's coastline... Read More

Get ready to spend the summer abroad. There are flights to major cities all across Europe on sale for as little as $304 round-trip.Scott’s Cheap... Read More

Anthony Bourdain likes to eat.On Sunday night’s episode of Parts Unknown, Bourdain will venture to San Sebastian, in Spain, for one reason and one... Read More

In a cave in Western Spain, a series of prehistoric painted hands may offer clues to the mysteries of our human ancestors.Archeologist Hipolito Collado... Read More

Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí made a name for himself at the turn of the 20th century with his lavish designs, flamboyant colors, and unique,... Read More

Every two years, the World Economic Forum releases a report on the world’s most travel-friendly destinations. This year’s report, titled “The Travel ... Read More

Looking for the chance to travel this summer?Holiday travel brand Thomson’s Scene, which focuses on holidays for adults and top nightlife... Read More

The famed Basílica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, has just broken a new record, becoming the first attraction in the world to get more than... Read More

What do you do if a group of strangers approaches you via Facebook and asks you to join their pre-planned holiday with flights and hotel... Read More

Europe is on sale, and few countries are more steeply discounted than Spain, which is having something of a moment.According to the Airfare Spot,... Read More

Europe’s fastest, and perhaps most impressive, roller coaster is finally ready for thrill-seekers everywhere to jump on board.Ferrari Land, the largest... Read More

Knowing when to book a hotel can make all the difference when it comes to the price you pay.For those planning to take a summer getaway this year,... Read More

Whether you are a fan of Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disney Resort or one of his other attractions around the world, you know Walt Disney loved his... Read More

The “most dangerous path in the world” is reopening for its third season after a gruesome accident caused it to close for 15 years.The Caminito del Rey... Read More

For travelers who have procrastinated booking their summer vacations, it might be time to consider Europe.The cost of round-trip flights to Europe for... Read More

This weekend, Thrifty Traveler reported a major sale on flights to Portugal and Spain. Round-trip tickets start at $321, with availability from major... Read More

Back in December, we reported there would be even more cheap flights to Europe — though we couldn’t be certain if they’d appear as affordable routes... Read More

The beauty brand that pioneered facials in a bubble — a real inflatable bubble, filled with pure air and free of pollution — is taking their treatments... Read More

When husband and wife Terry and Jennifer Constant realized their daily jobs were keeping them from getting to watch their newborn son... Read More

Both camping and backpacking can provide joy to travelers of all kinds: a campsite gives city-dwellers a break from the hustle of metropolitan life,... Read More

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