Southern Michigan

Things to do in Southern Michigan

Walk the school’s central campus to admire the mid-1800s architecture.

New Favorite: In the Dutch West Indies, Curaçao is celebrating a year of independence from Holland and has a new 36-year-old president, Gerrit Schotte, who's intent on turning the island into an eco-conscious and high-end destination. Years as agent: 18.

Dinner and a movie go hand-in-hand at Birmingham's Palladium 12 Theatre. With the cost of admission, you get a movie ticket and access to a dinner buffet prepared by in-house chef Ian Forest.

Charter a 38-foot yacht and experience the serenity of Lake Michigan.

Check out Western Michigan’s massive sand dunes.

Choose from 52 varieties, including white chocolate almond.

Taste or pick the fruits—raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, grapes—at the 150-year-old, family-owned winery.