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By Nate Storey
Leave the jumbo Tumi roller at home if you’re planning to stay at Japan’s Koyasan Kokuu Guesthouse—the sleek, micro rooms are inspired by the country’s ubiquitous small capsule hotels. Kyoto-based design firm Alphaville crafted this garage-like...
By Travel + Leisure Staff
By Travel + Leisure Staff

Embrace the wisdom of crowds by adding the world’s most-visited tourist attractions to your bucket list.

By Nicola McCormack

The next big thing is now, and here’s where to find it.

Hotels in Southern Japan

A sense of mystery and magic pervades this secluded retreat on a southern Japanese island covered in old-growth cedars.

Things to do in Southern Japan

Attending a Hanshin Tigers baseball game near Osaka, where the audience rivals Brazilian soccer fans and Bombay filmgoers in its sheer intensity and devotion: Tigers fans spend all nine innings going bonkers with organized chants, songs, and balloon-releases.