South East Sulawesi

Dive in Wakatobi Archipelago


, Wakatobi Archipelago,
South East Sulawesi,


Where It Is: Set in the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi, the Wakatobi preserve spreads across hundreds of square miles of thriving coral reefs, which surround an archipelago of four main islands.

What to Look for: Due to its remote and untouched setting, Wakatobi has some of the broadest biodiversity in the entire Pacific Ocean. Divers often see reef sharks, pilot whales, mobula rays, black blotched stingrays, barracudas, humphead parrotfish, and even the occasional orca. The coral outcroppings are also home to invertebrates like ghost pipefish, bobtail squid, Napoleon snake eel, warty frogfish, and many other obscure species.