South Carolina

Things to do in South Carolina

A list of what to do in South Carolina begins with a look at its history. Standing as the entry to the Deep South, the state is filled with antebellum plantation houses, one-time battlefields and hints of West African traditions from its slave-holding past.

In Charleston, rows of stately 18th-century mansions line the streets, and Fort Sumter stands as the site where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. While you're planning what to do in South Carolina, make sure to leave time to enjoy the heart comfort fare the South is known for, as well as a little Southern hospitality.

Many of the most popular things to do in South Carolina revolve around its coastline, from the retro kitschy scene at Myrtle Beach to the Sea Islands to the golf mecca at Hilton Head. Here, visitors can soak up the sun on sandy beaches thanks to its warm, balmy climate. Other outdoorsy things to do in South Carolina include hunting, fishing, canoeing in its swamplands and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains along its Western border.

The fantastic creations of couture milliner Leigh Magar have inspired a devoted cult following.

Tour the plantation, which grows the tea leaves used in Firefly sweet tea vodka, distilled down the road.

This 55-acre attraction features an iconic century-old red barn that houses an active potter’s studio with various pottery on display, a pecan kitchen, and a coffee bar.

Shop for distinctive local items such as linens inspired by the houses of Rainbow Row.

Buy a classic rope hammock from this beloved shop.

This hangout is all about atmosphere—a martini bar with velvet curtains, hookah pipes, and bed-sized couches.

A classic men's store with its own line of seersucker suits.

Though a Great Lawn invites group activity, Waterfront Park was intended to remind Charleston of its place in the natural world—its proximity to the Copper River and the harbor, and the borderline between civilization and the wild.

A general store that will sell you a pouch of boiled peanuts (the unofficial state snack).

A Barcelona-inspired wine-and-tapas bar: the back room has DJ's and a throbbing young crowd on weekends.

Edgy King Street outpost for trendy clothes and gear.

Sweet grass is gathered from low-country marshes and then woven into baskets, bracelets, pins, barrettes, and earrings by traditional weavers, all sold at this roadside locale.

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The society runs several historic properties and conducts tours of private homes in the fall. Also has a great book and gift shop for all things Charleston.