Solvang Travel Guide

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By Bruce Schoenfeld
Eating well has always been easy in wine regions. It makes sense: people who pay close attention to what they drink don’t typically settle for fast-food cheeseburgers. But dining well is different from eating well, and in many wine areas it has be...
By Lee Magill

Ride horses off into the sunset at these great family-friendly dude ranches.

By Caitlin Flanagan
I grew up in California in the 1960’s, the place every clear-thinking kid on the planet wanted to be: 650 miles of sandy beaches, Disneyland, the "scene" in San Francisco. But my family didn’t take vacations to those spots. We didn’t even take vac...

Hotels in Solvang

The property offers heated indoor pool and complimentary breakfasts; guest rooms all have their own fireplaces.

Restaurants in Solvang

Pick over a smorgasbord of Danish meats and cheeses, meatballs and smoked fish—or maybe some hakkebøf (ground beef and onions)—at the friendly, homespun restaurant.