Siem Reap

Restaurants in Siem Reap

Over the course of its long history, Siem Reap has been heavily influenced by many cultures with those of India and France playing major roles. As a result, the city’s cuisine is a mixed bag of sorts with restaurants in Siem Reap offering everything from well-spiced curryto high French cuisine to more traditional Cambodian fare. One of particular note is Cuisine Wat Damnak, a restaurant specializing in tasting courses of Cambodian food with a French flair and dishes like stir-fried frog meat with aged lime pickled turnip, chrysanthemum leaves and Angkor Stout reduction or the wild prawn curry topped with water lily and sesbania flower.

For those looking for more unique cuisine, don’t be surprised to discover that Siem Reap is home to many Italian eateries, including D’Alessandro, which specializes in Napoli pizza and Mamma Shop, a go-to for comfort food restaurant, founded by an Italian expat.

And, of course, Siem Reap restaurants aren’t the only place to get a great meal. The city is home to dozens of small cafés, bars and food stands, where an afternoon can be whiled away. Every type of cuisine is served up in this truly international city. It’s only a matter of stepping out of your room and exploring.

The traditional Khmer specialties (stir-fried frogs, dried snake) are not to be missed.