Tips and Articles for Seychelles

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For most of us, running out of toothpaste is easily remedied by a quick trip to the local drugstore. For Kirsten and Carl Dixon, owners of the... Read More

Built in 1870, the cliff-edge saltwater swimming pool of the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc in the south of France has been the centerpiece of that fabled... Read More

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Vera Gordon, a retired educator in Brooklyn, New York, is a garden-variety traveler. Literally. Like more and more botanically minded tourists, she’s... Read More

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Welcome to our country. Now pay up This summer, Mexico began collecting $15 from everyone who flies into the country, except those going to towns within... Read More

Of course Banyan Tree Seychelles has satellite uplinks, but do you really need to phone home when you're this far out in the Indian Ocean?On the... Read More

"WE ARE EXTREMELY PRIVATE," warned carl henderson, the general manager of Frégate Island Private, a new resort in the Seychelles.In previous jobs,... Read More

There's a full moon over the Seychelles, and the native inhabitants of Cousine Island are getting frisky. Under a canopy of palm trees, two giant male... Read More

I am not new to the Seychelles. I visited the islands back in February 1979, when I was given the rather plummy assignment of accompanying the Sports... Read More

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