Seville Tourism Board


16 Leonardo Da Vinci St.,
Isla de la Cartuja,

41092 .

To avoid a big bill at dinner—or stave off hunger until your 10 p.m. reservation—join the locals in a tapeo, a gastronomic pub crawl from tapas bar to tapas bar, and sample a series of bite-size snacks at each—almond-stuffed olives, Serrano ham, slices of tortilla espanola (potato omelet), spicy chorizo sausage, and more, accompanied by glasses of wine, cava, beer, or cider. This is a tradition across Spain, but is particularly enjoyable in the medieval Barrio Santa Cruz district of Seville, which after the midday siesta bursts to life again around 5 p.m. with a thriving tapeo scene. Snack and drinks range from $2.50 to $6.50—anything more and you're in a tourist trap.