Sedona Travel Guide

Whether you visit Sedona for the art, the hiking or the positive energy coming off the "vortexes," this Arizona town has an undeniable magical quality. With the pine-tree forests to the north in Flagstaff and the desert metropolis of Phoenix to the south, Sedona offers a gorgeous intersection of landscapes and elevation, with glowing red-rock formations and a milder climate than what many travelers expect from Arizona. It's easy to take day trips into Phoenix or even to the Grand Canyon, but plenty of people, once they get to Sedona, just want to commune with nature and soak up the serene vibes.

Things Not to Miss in Sedona

Read our Sedona travel guide to explore this idyllic corner of Arizona further, including some of the most popular attractions:

• Hiking near the most notable red-rock buttes such as Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Bear Mountain and Courthouse Rock
• Seeking out the vortexes
• Oak Creek Canyon
• Shopping at Tlaquepaque
• Browsing the art galleries and shops along Highway 89A

When to Go to Sedona

Sedona boasts a pretty moderate climate, especially compared with much of Arizona. Here are the seasonal factors to consider when you travel to Sedona:

Spring and fall are the peak times of the Sedona travel season, thanks to temperatures with highs in the mid-60s to low 80s.
Summer can get plenty hot, with highs in the mid 90s—even though folks from Phoenix still consider this a cool escape, when compared with Phoenix's 100-degree-plus temps.
Winter can bring occasional snow and cold temperatures at night, but it's still a great time to visit. From mid-November through January, you can watch the Tlaquepaque shopping plaza and nearby Los Abrigados Resort light up for an extended holiday season. You can also find more snow, and even ski slopes, a short drive away in Flagstaff.

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