Restaurants in Sardinia

Sardinia restaurants have the fortune to not only have Italian influence, but the unique advantage of being on an island nation. There are some species of plants and animals entirely unique to Sardinia utilized in the food and drink of the land. For example, the Grenache grape has grown on the island and been used for wine production for thousands of years. The best restaurants in Sardinia offer the opportunity to try something new.

The key to great eating in Sardinia is to find out what the locals like. The Ristorante Craf in the town of Oristano is popular among locals and tourists alike, featuring brick-vaulted dining rooms that make for a homey experience. Meat is a big part of cuisine at restaurants in Sardinia, so be prepared to eat a lot of it at Trattoria Da Antonio in Sassari (but save room for some wine!) Su Gologone Restaurant and La Grotta are two great Sardinia restaurants. Su Gologone serves traditional dishes, like roasted pig, and you can see them being cooked. La Grotta is right in Maddalena Archipelago National Park and serves excellent fish.

Set in Maddalena Archipelago National Park, and known for its excellent fresh fish. Dinner for two $153.

Guests continue to pour in, on dinghies from giant yachts anchored in the bay and from the hotel’s private beach, not to mention the people like me who’d come to people-watch.

When you walk into the restaurant, you can see the signature dish waiting to be prepared: baby pigs fed on wild nuts, sawed exactly in half with scientific precision and skewered on metal rods to be roasted.