Hotels in Sardinia

Being an island nation, Sardinia has several beaches. The city of Cagliari features a beach called Poetto, overlooked by the Sardinia hotel La Villa del Mare. La Villa has the advantage of not only overlooking this beautiful beach, but also has close access to the heart of the city. It is considered one of the best hotels in Sardinia. From June to September one can listen to live music or simply walk along the shore in Poetto. Costa Verde, often known as the silent coast, makes an ideal hotel location. Le Dimore Del Corsaro is one such Sardinia hotel in the city of Portu Maga.

Su Gologone and La Coluccia are Sardinia hotels that should be on the top of traveler’s list. Su Gologone was built to resemble the homes within the area and has a restaurant of the same name within the premises. La Coluccia is by the beach, but in a more isolated area for those wanting some alone time by the sea. Hotels in Sardinia are cheaper during the offseason.

Located on the Costa Smeralda, one of the most exclusive spots in the Mediterranean, the Hotel Cala di Volpe was built 40 years ago by the Aga Khan. The limestone compound, modeled after a fishing village, has porticos, archways, turrets, and 124 whitewashed, pastel-accented rooms.

Boomerang offers private or group travel itineraries on a variety of boats.

The 47-room La Coluccia—near the small town of Santa Teresa di Gallura—is ideal for couples craving undisturbed beach time. The stretch of sand alongside the hotel is so remote, there's no danger of guests getting distracted by Sardinia's famously high-octane social life.

The hotel is a “rustic” building (i.e., built in the local style to look like a big, white, very beautiful farmhouse) with a pool surrounded by hedges and extensive grounds with mature, fragrant plantings.