Restaurants in Santorini

No visit to Santorini is complete without an ample tasting of local dishes, including dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), tomato keftedes (sliced and fried tomatoes) and fresh grilled fish. While the island can sometimes feel as if it is overrun with overpriced tourist traps, there are also numerous family-run Santorini restaurants, which serve delicious meals at reasonable prices. Here are a couple of restaurants in Santorini not to miss: At Selene, considered one of the best restaurants in Santorini, serves elegant seafood dishes such as sea urchin salad and fish and langoustine soup -- the cuisine is as expensive as it is delicious. But the price is worth it for the view alone; the restaurant’s terrace overlooks the water and boasts gorgeous sunset views. Mama’s House, located in the heart of bustling Fira, is renowned for its big, hearty portions, which can be enjoyed outside on the restaurant’s terrace. Unlike many Santorini restaurants, a meal at Mama’s House won’t cost you a small fortune. Make sure to order the stuffed peppers, and eggplant rolled in feta.

Owners Evelyn and George Hatziyanuakis put a creative twist on Greek cuisine, using unorthodox combinations, such as cuttlefish served atop homemade noodles or baked mackerel, caper, and tomato all wrapped in a fava crêpe.

The golden doorway of the converted captain’s house opens to views of the caldera and the sea. Grilled octopus dripping with olive oil and tomato pancakes with tzatziki go nicely with a strong glass of Nichteri wine. Order light, so you’ll have room for the rich walnut pie.

Take a quick tour of the ornate furnishings at this 1845 mansion and then head up to the rooftop garden for simple Greek dishes: grilled grouper with sun-dried tomatoes and lamb chops served with rosemary, mint, and green applesauce.

The balcony of the restaurant in the sleepy, boho town of Oia looks out onto the caldera’s edge. The cuisine (salmon tartare with lemon and green olives; braised lamb shanks with couscous) lives up to the restaurant’s name.