Santa Fe Farmers' Market
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Santa Fe Farmers' Market

1607 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501 | (505) 983-4098
Santa Fe Farmers Market
Courtesy of Santa Fe Farmers Market

Santa Fe is a locavore's paradise, and the central nexus of local foods and produce is the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, a twice-weekly extravaganza of fresh farmed lettuces, fantastic squashes, locally raised lamb sausage, and goat cheese from just a few miles away. On any given Saturday or Tuesday morning, head down the aisles for free samples and take home jars of New Mexico honey or raspberry jam, baskets of tomatoes, and piles of locally foraged fungi. The Farmers Market, at least during the warm months, is also the place to be seen, so wear your best straw hat.

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