San Juan

San Juan Travel Guide

There is never a dull moment when looking for things to do in San Juan. The museums, walks, and local tastes are sure to please everyone. For those travelers looking for things to do in San Juan that involve nature, there are hikes and trails and are open to the public and where you will see a number of wonderful sites in San Juan. Some of these include walking along the Isla Verde, a beachfront, and Isla de Cabras. When adding historical sites to your list of things to do in San Juan, be sure to visit the city’s historical fortresses like Fort San Cristobal, Fort San Felipe del Morro and La Fortaleza, which currently serves as the official home of the Governor of Puerto Rico, and its many beautiful seaside cemeteries. Or spend an afternoon touring Pau Casals, a museum dedicated to Pablo Casals, one of Puerto Rico’s most famous classical musicians, or the Museum of the Americas, which focuses primarily on folk art. Remember, when wondering what to do in San Juan there are always friendly smiling faces willing to help.

Take your pick of the best santos—wooden folk carvings of Catholic saints.

This gallery and lounge, located in a historic building, hosts a beautiful crowd and top international DJ's, spinning an eclectic blend of house, soul, and hip-hop. The club's red-wine sangria is delicious, though surprisingly potent.

What to Expect: Not one but two deep, curved pale-pink-sand beaches, each a mile-and-a-half long, make up Isla Verde.

The daughter of famous Puerto Rican designer Mili Arango, Lisa Cappalli graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design. After living in Paris and working with designer Chantal Thommass, Cappalli moved to Puerto Rico to open a boutique in San Juan.

In an industrial-looking former Royal Tire warehouse, gallery owners Diana and Moisés Berezdivin have assembled an impressive collection of contemporary Latin American art.

Housed in a Neoclassical former hospital in San Juan's Santurce neighborhood, this 130,000-square-foot space became the Caribbean's most extensive art museum when it opened in 2000. The 1,100-piece collection includes prominent Puerto Rican artists from the 17th century to the present day.