San Juan

Restaurants in San Juan

San Juan’s role as a U.S. territory means that the city boasts many of the same restaurant chains you would find in the United States, but make sure you take full advantage of the colorful, local food scene while visiting this seaside city. Local restaurants in San Juan are numerous and accommodate every taste.

One of the best restaurants in San Juan is Marmalade, an eatery and wine bar near the Port of San Juan and in the heart of the Old Town. This dining spot offers a multi-course meal, all with perfectly matched wine pairings. Even though the restaurant offers pasta and other great dishes in spades, their seafood dishes are the star of the show, so be sure to order from the “Flavors of the Sea and Land” section of the menu.

If you’re looking to dive right into the richness that is Puerto Rican cuisine, make a reservation at restaurants in San Juan like Santaella, which specializes in highbrow takes on classic Puerto Rican food. Of particular note are the alcapurrias, stuffed fritters with blue crab and herb salad, and the goat cheese quesadillas, topped with honey and white truffle oil.

This 105-year-old lunch counter and bakery, a stone's throw from the port in Old San Juan, is where to come for a perfect café con leche (poured from a 1940's coffee maker) and a plate of mallorcas (light, buttery pastries, sprinkled with powdered sugar).

This venue is closed.

Founded in 2002, Aguaviva serves what it calls seaside Latino cuisine crafted by chef Hector Crespo. The menu has a selection of seafood dishes prepared with Latin and Caribbean spices, as well as six different ceviches and colossal seafood towers.

The local scene here is as hot as the wood-fired grill in the kitchen. Carnivores go for the parrillada, a savory selection of chorizo, pork tenderloin, short ribs, sweetbreads, and blood sausage (the faint of heart can opt for the fresh grilled vegetables).

Located just south of the tourist-laden Condado neighborhood in Santurce, near the 100-year-old Plaza del Mercado market, Tasca el Pescador is a popular haunt among locals that is known for its fresh seafood dishes.

The steakhouse serves up T-bones in a boudoir-inspired setting.

The first restaurant from Puerto Rican dining empire OOF Restaurants, the Parrot Club is a brightly colored restaurant is housed in a renovated 1902 factory building.

This eye-catching restaurant at the La Concha Resort is shaped like an oversized shell perched on a reflecting pool. The innovative design, courtesy of Jorge Rossello, includes blue carpeting that resembles the water and white banquettes, chairs, and table linens.

Classic cafeteria serving delicious mofongo, fried pork chops, and rice and beans.

Located at the Caribe Hilton Hotel, Lemongrass is an upscale, Pan Asian restaurant serving inventive Latin and Asian-inspired fusion dishes, including red snapper in orange-carrot sauce with plantain spiders and sweet plantain and chorizo wontons with goat cheese.

Neighborhood place near San Juan's La Placita.

Located on Calle Cristo in the historic Old San Juan district, Bodega Chic is a casual restaurant serving French and Algerian cuisine with a Caribbean and Mediterranean influence.