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By Travel + Leisure Staff
By Peter Jon Lindberg
The week had passed like a fever dream. Perhaps it was the altitude, or the heat from an unfiltered sun. Or maybe this just happens to anyone who tackles an eight-day drive around the province of Salta, in Argentina’s mountainous northwest. In p...
By Travel + Leisure Staff

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By Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
By Bruce Schoenfeld
Walking through a vineyard in Argentina’s Uco Valley near Mendoza one morning, I ran into Michel Rolland, the world’s most renowned and controversial winemaker. Dressed like a rancher in 501’s, boots, and a button-down shirt, a leather hat shelt...

Hotels in Salta

This handsome provincial capital, known for its meat empanadas and some of the world’s best-preserved mummies, has lately been burnishing its claim as Argentina’s third city for tourism, after Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

Restaurants in Salta

On a 19,500-acre ranch and vineyard about 15 minutes from Cachi, Sala de Payogasta serves updated regional dishes (fried goat cheese breaded in quinoa; barbecued lamb) in a landscape of lunar-like beauty.

Things to do in Salta

The striking red-and-gold Baroque San Francisco Church was built in 1625.