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By Charles Runnette

Hold on tight for the most spine-tingling, hair-raising roller coasters, free falls, and 4-D rides, from New England to Japan.

By Kristine Ziwica
Heiligendamm, Germany's first beachfront resort, was born in 1793, when the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was ordered by his doctor to take the waters. In the inevitable building boom that followed, 26 snow-white bathhouses and villas—ranging in st...
By Jeff Wise
Climbing up the spiral stairs and through a stone tower to our room, we notice a passageway. “Where do you suppose it goes?” asks my wife, Sandra, as she signals me to follow her. We emerge atop a medieval parapet. On our left is the steeply banke...
By Susan Welsh
Trip 1 Instead of Brittany, France Go to Rügen, Germany Why This island in the Baltic Sea was a getaway for the East German elite during the Cold War. With its 400-foot-high chalk cliffs and white-sand beaches, Rügen now attracts a stylis...
By Charles Runnette
If your idea of a perfect summer day involves an adrenaline-infused rush from a truly frightening ride, skip the kiddie parks this year. The Matterhorn at Disneyland and Space Mountain at Disney World are both great when you’re 12, but they won’t ...

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The 13th-century fortress is one of the most hauntingly romantic places in Europe.

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Brace Yourself: Always tops in any list of the best coasters in the world, including Internet Coaster Poll, which polls fans from around the globe, GeForce is not only one of the largest coasters in Europe, it’s always one of the most complete and satisfying because it’s long eno