Rosh Pina

Mizpe Hayamim


Hwy 8900,
Rosh Pina,


Guests enter the terra-cotta-paved lobby to the smells of jasmine and honeysuckle. The resort stands near a tiny artists' colony in Galilee, a peaceful area on good terms with both its Jewish residents and Arab neighbors. Mizpe sits high in the hills 1,870 feet above sea level with vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, the Hula Valley, and the Golan Heights. Located on 37 acres, the property is full of ponds and streams, fruit trees, and herb-and-vegetable gardens in addition to traditional spa and (delightfully under-chlorinated) pool. Goats and cows roam the pastures to provide the hotel's yogurt, milk, and cheese. The chickens make for the free-range eggs. The farm here is run organically and produces olives that are cracked and pickled in the nearby bedouin village.