Vatican Tour with Context Rome


Viale Vaticano,


Nearly 20,000 people stream through the Vatican every day, clueless and adrift, and end up dismissing the Sistine Chapel before they even get there. It’s almost impossible to appreciate the Vatican without an experienced guide. For newcomers and return visitors alike, the comprehensive four-hour tours led by Context Travel (formerly Scala Reale) will give you the scholarly and entertaining details behind the most fascinating works in the Vatican Museums; a phenomenal play-by-play of the Sistine Chapel (behind the scenes and on the ceiling); and an insider’s tour of St. Peter’s Basilica and square. In addition to being experts at negotiating the crowds, Context’s docents are mostly expatriate academics and artists unparalleled among the sea of tour guides that work the Vatican. You’ll come away with a fantastic font of knowledge about Roman art and architecture that you can apply to the rest of your sightseeing.