Richmond and Sunset Districts



5800 Geary Blvd.,
San Francisco,
United States,

Only in San Francisco would you find a Moroccan restaurant that touts the sustainable pedigree of its ingredients: the lamb and beef (grass-fed, of course), the poultry, and most of the vegetables come from small farms in the immediate area (like Green Gulch Farm, run by the Zen Center in Marin County). When it opened in 2001, chef/owner Mourad Lahlou stuck to the traditional dishes and presentations; there was even a belly dancer. Since then, he’s replaced the “entertainment” with a more adventurous menu, including a creamy sunchoke soup with truffles, and braised lamb shank with Earl Grey-infused prunes and cranberry barley. The restaurant itself is still oddly cavelike, with white stucco walls, a midnight-blue ceiling, and arcaded alcoves, but those alcoves are now hung with arty black-and-white photos and the belly dancer is long gone.