Rice Village

Found for the Home


3433 West Alabama,
United States,

Crystal chandeliers hang from ceiling grids of hog panel (heavy metal agricultural fencing); statuesque 19th-century gilded candlesticks are clustered together atop an industrial dryer drum; an 18th-century Italian settee sports thoroughly modern canvas drop-cloth upholstery; and it's all dramatically spotlit by factory light fixtures and beeswax candles. Such pairings—industrial with residential, rough with refined, high with low, humble with haute—demonstrate how opposites attract at Found, a fine antiques shop housed in a former staple factory. It's no exaggeration to say that Found's 33-year-old cofounder, Aaron Rambo, who spent his boyhood raising lambs in West Texas, has brought a whole new aesthetic to Houston's upscale antiques scene.


Tip: If there's a piece you're curious about, ask for the affable owner. If you're lucky enough to be there when he's not away on one of his many buying trips, he will happily expound upon all the items in the store.