Expedition GeForce


6 Holiday Park Haßloch,


Brace Yourself: Always tops in any list of the best coasters in the world, including Internet Coaster Poll, which polls fans from around the globe, GeForce is not only one of the largest coasters in Europe, it’s always one of the most complete and satisfying because it’s long enough and not gimmicky. But it’s also harrowing, reaching 4.5 G, a height of 203 feet, and speeds exceeding 74 mph. And there are seven coveted moments of weightlessness when your stomach just floats…and floats again.


If You Chicken Out: Try Lighthouse Tower, but don’t be fooled; it may look like an old-fashioned circular swing from the early 19th century, but it’s much, much taller—almost 300 feet aboveground—and surprisingly fun.