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By Nikki Ekstein
We’ve heard countless horror stories about the process of getting an Indian visa (lost passports! slow service!), so imagine the relief when we heard that the country will soon be rolling out Visa on Arrival service for citizens of 40 countries—th...
By Guy Trebay
Night Queen, an anchovy can passed off as a bus, has rear-ended a rickety truck whose bumper carries the jaunty legend remover of obstacles. Now the guts of both lie scattered across a two-lane mountaintop switchback. We are in the central Indian ...
By Travel + Leisure Staff
By Travel + Leisure Staff
See our slideshow of World’s Best Tented Camps. Alice Temperley likes to camp. Which is why the British fashion designer, who escapes her London workshop to rusticate in a tepee on her Somerset country estate, was recently commissioned by One & O...
By Travel + Leisure Staff

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Best for: Tigers, leopards, nilgai, hog deer, wild boar