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Rest of Germany Travel Guide

A stone’s throw from Luxembourg; pear brandy and grappa are their other great sips.

Just north of Kampen, this beach is less crowded than Buhne 16 (it also requires clothing).

Tasty plates of cured meats and cheeses and an extensive, fairly priced wine selection.

A kiosk, really—no chairs, just an open-air wine-bar-in-the-round, and in its center, a young man and woman pouring wine.

When he’s not working at Selbach-Oster, twentysomething Stefan Jakoby, along with his brother, Peter, run this precocious young winery.

The most famous of Sylt's nude beaches, where Germans of every stripe let it all hang out as they lounge in wicker basket chairs.

Boutique estate-grown Riesling producer.

Embedded into a wooded hillside, and notable for its Pinot Noir

This bike shop, located in Westerland's main train station, has a terrific rental selection, and the staff will happily suggest a route along Sylt's 136 miles of well-laid-out paths.