Things to Do in Rest of Arizona

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Take a tour up the Colorado River to the Topock Gorge. Read More

Arguably as mesmerizing as the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly National Monument is one of Arizona’s most underrated treasures. Read More

Explore the area’s history, including exhibits on gold mining, steamboating, and even an “ancient” slot machine. Read More

This original 1831 bridge traveled 5,400 miles and was reassembled brick by brick. Read More

Browse for Navajo textiles and crafts. Read More

Strange Factor: This isn’t HBO’s Big Love—this is the real thing. Step into the private world of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus... Read More

Book a hiking, Jeep, or photography tour of the region. Read More

Pick up a fishing permit (or an ice fishing permit, in the winter) at a reasonable $6 per day. The one-stop shop also carries bait. Read More

Book a Navajo-guided horseback trek through Totsonii Ranch; you’ll meander through Canyon de Chelly’s spectacular pair of 1,000-foot canyons. Read More

Experts and beginners can arrange a canoe or kayak excursion up the Colorado River. Travel solo or with expert guides. Read More

The mile hike down to the intricate Anasazi ruins built high into sandstone cliffs is the only excursion through the monument that doesn’t require... Read More

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