Rehoboth Beach

Ice Cream Store


6 Rehoboth Ave.,
Rehoboth Beach,
United States,

Anyone who has ever dipped a French fry in a chocolate shake will understand this sweet-and-salty delight. The Ice Cream Store along the boardwalk in Rehoboth, DE, first dabbled in meat ice cream with a pulled-pork sundae, but has since developed a loyal following now with bacon and even its new chocolate-covered bacon. The bacon shake is particularly popular. “We sell 10 bacon milkshakes a day,” says owner Chip Hearn. “For some reason it’s become this cult thing.” The more conservative might prefer the Better than Sex flavor, which features devil’s-food-cake batter and crumbled candy bars.

How It Tastes: Bacon goodness. Hearn swears by the Jersey cows that fuel his ice cream and by “a really strong vanilla that will bring out that bacon taste.”