Rehoboth Beach

Restaurants in Rehoboth Beach

Restaurants in Rehoboth Beach cater to all tastes, and whether you’re looking for delicious seafood or high-end dining, you’ll find it in this seaside town. Those looking for the former should try restaurants like Henlopen City Oyster House or Big Fish Grill, which both specialize in fresh seafood. And for those seeking Rehoboth restaurants that err on the side of international, there’s Frank and Louie’s Italian Specialties or Café Papillon, which specializes in crepes and other French pastries. And don’t leave town without eating at Rehoboth restaurant Blue Moon or its Dewey Beach neighbor Root Gourmet. Both feature high-end dining and will delight the taste buds. Finally, remember, if you’re ever lost when it comes to eating in Rehoboth Beach, a simple stroll down Rehoboth Avenue will provide plenty of inspiration. Stop for a drink at a beachside bar and relax with great seafood and the perfect setting to round out your vacation experience.

Crack a plateful of succulent blue crabs at this relaxed joint on the main drag.

On Sundays, tuck into diver scallops and champagne in the romantic breezeway.

Dine in private in one of the curtained booths; try the foie gras and duck confit, or the renowned paella, expertly paired with a terrific wine list.

Breakfast at this health-conscience eatery is fresh-made juices plus tasty vegetarian quiches and omelettes.