Rehoboth Beach

Hotels in Rehoboth Beach

Like most popular seaside towns, Rehoboth Beach is home to plenty of resorts, hotels and summer shares. Those looking for hotels in Rehoboth Beach with direct access to the beach should consider booking a room at the Rehoboth Beach hotel Atlantic Sands or the Victorian-style Boardwalk Plaza Hotel. Both sit right along the beach and offer unparalleled views of the sea. Alternatively, there are plenty of Rehoboth hotels inland, like the Hotel Rehoboth, that offer beach shuttles or easy access to the boardwalk for those looking for a bit of peace and quiet. And finally, visitors looking for a Rehoboth hotel on a budget will find many affordable motels and charming rentals dotted throughout the town that can be booked with the click of a mouse. Whatever your travel style, whether you need a secluded stay or a fun beach house to enjoy your time at, you'll find the space you need at Rehoboth Beach.

The stylish inn stands out in a sea of sleepy Victorian B&B’s along the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal. Twelve streamlined rooms are accented with vibrant Warholesque colors and white wood-beam ceilings.

Some cozy rooms at the Victorian inn have wrought-iron balconettes overlooking the ocean and romantic ruffles decking the comfy beds. Leave your windows open, and let the sound of the surf lull you to sleep.

The hotel is set at the quieter north end of Rehoboth’s boardwalk. While not particularly posh, rooms are spacious, with full balconies for checking out the waves.