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By Emma Sloley
By Sarah Gold
Wandering through the riotous, labyrinthine stalls of Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market has given you an appetite. For hours, you’ve been pressing between crowds of local women haggling over mangoes, melons, and rank-smelling durian fruit; karaoke-CD haw...
By Adam McCulloch
Take a deep breath. Chances are, the air filling your lungs is far from pure. Even if you live in a clean, ecologically conscious area, you may be inhaling pollutants from faraway, less-pristine locales. Your hometown air may contain microscopic p...

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Lunch on a chicken-spinach-feta sandwich on homemade panini.

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Santiago Calatrava’s sculptural Sundial footbridge leads over the Sacramento River to this combination science museum and arboretum aimed at families. adults $13, kids 4–12 $9