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I eagerly read Peter Jon Lindberg’s article about his quest for the best oysters. My husband and I share his passion and have tasted these fruits of the sea around the world, including the exceptional Mali Stons in Croatia. It seems he has yet to ...
By Michael Frank
Revealing a secretly prized place is a little bit like telling your dreams at a dinner party: it’s an act of inadvertent autobiography. This is especially true when the prized place happens to be—how best to put it?—on the “modest” side. “You like...
By Anya von Bremzen
It's hard to dissociate pesto, focaccia, and ravioli from the dinnertime din of upstart New World trattorias. But sniff out their roots, and you will find yourself in Liguria, Italy's charmed crescent-shaped stretch of Mediterranean coastline, whi...

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This family-owned hotel (and restaurant) offers an affordable stay in Recco.

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Focaccia col formaggio is Recco’s most famous, and one verifiably indigenous, dish. It consists of two layers of papery dough sandwiching Stracchino, a delicately creamy local cheese; baked for eight minutes, it emerges firm on the outside, molten and often bubbling on the inside.

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The place in Recco for outstanding gelato.